Innovation Jams

Jamming is a high-energy, high-engagement, highly productive working technique which is becoming more important in innovation processes.  Working to tight or “impossible” deadlines and with a strong emphasis on "doing, not talking", participants are invited to think with their hands, and decide by building. The outputs of a Jam are not just ideas, but prototypes of services, products or initiatives. And the results are impressive - more than one Jammer has commented, “I did three weeks’ work in 48 hours - and had a great time.”

Service development and delivery using theatrical methods

Few industries can match theater’s ability to reliably produce innovation on time and in budget. Development tools adapted from theatre give organisations a simple, efficient toolset for understanding and improving customer experience, for testing services or products in use, and turning their discoveries into concrete developments. These robust tools can orchestrate the entire “dramatic arc” of the various channels of a service, or focus on particular service touchpoints - either in customer experience, in internal services, or in the details of leadership. 

Keynotes and teaching

Our keynotes and inspirational sessions on our expert themes are successful, popular and lively.  We are more likely to use sketches and quizzes than slideware or bulletpoints. Moving through highly interactive formats, we engage and challenge participants from the start, and always keeping the action moving.  The result is a singularly energetic session, mixing humour with relevance, which gets people thinking - and talking.